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Ladies Ostomy Wear

Suportx ostomy and abdominal support with built in pouch cover and night drainage. More Info


Lanolin Free Latex Skin Adhesive

A skin adhesive for people who are allergic to lanolin. Comes in a tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator.... More Info


LaVera Barrier Cream

A barrier cream to protect intact skin from harmful body wastes. It soothes and moisturises the skin... More Info


LBF Barrier Cream

A cream that provides a barrier between intact skin and body fluids. The barrier cream is latex-free,... More Info


LBF Barrier Film Spray

LBF spray provides a non-sting protective barrier against bodily fluids. It can be sprayed at any angle.... More Info


LBF Hydrosolve Flushable Barrier Film Wipe

Dispersible wipe that breaks down completely on contact with water and can be flushed like toilet paper,... More Info


LBF Sterile Barrier Film Wipes

Sterile healthcare grade silicones provide a quick drying transparent film that protects intact and broken... More Info


LBF Sterile No-Sting Barrier Film Foam Applicator

For application where precision is required. Sterile healthcare grade silicones provide a quick drying... More Info


LBF Sterile No-Sting Barrier Film Spray

Bag on valve technology enables no touch application from any angle and ensures spray remains sterile... More Info


Lift Plus 360

Medical adhesive remover intended to minimise the pain associated with the removal of stoma flanges and... More Info

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