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Stoma accessories


Absorbent Sachets

Manage stool by solidifying and controlling odour and the sound of excessive movement from within the... More Info


Alfred Alert Sensor

This innovative device alerts patients as to how full their ostomy/stoma bags are so that they can decide... More Info


Appeel Advance No-Sting Medical Adhesive Remover Spray

Bag on valve technology enables no touch application from any angle, ideal for sore skin. Uses healthcare... More Info


Bullen Flange Retention Strips

Flange retention strips, for that extra peace of mind and help to prolong flange adhesion. More Info


Hydrocolloid Half-Moon Strips

Strips are used on the skin to avoid curled edges of the skin wafer. Half Moon Strips leave the patient... More Info


Hydrocolloid Paste

Effective easy to use remedy to be used on crevices on the skin. Protection against feaces and urine... More Info


Independence Fusion Applicator

This two-in-one solution provides you with simultaneous adhesion and skin protection in one simple application.... More Info


Mouldable Hydrocolloid Rings

The rings protect the skin around the stoma so irritation is minimised. Mouldable rings are particularly... More Info


Protective Powder

An effective way to absorb excess moisture from the skins stoma perimeter. The protective powder ensures... More Info


Urostomy Night Drainage Bag

Designed to enhance comfort whilst ensuring maximum security. More Info

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