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The essential guide to product selection

Adhesive discs/rings/pads/plasters


AcuBond Strips

These extra-sticky foam adhesive strips stick well to the appliance and are flexible as well. The strips... More Info


Astoa Adhesive Flange Extender

Specially designed to secure the flange/baseplate to the body whilst helping to protect the skin from... More Info


Astoa Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seal

Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seal; thin or standard.  More Info


Biotrol Skin Protectors

Hydrocolloid wafer to be used around the stoma, with a 10cm diameter (32-076). More Info


Brava Coloplast Protective Sheets Non Sterile

Protective sheet for use under the baseplate. More Info


Brava Elastic Tape

Elastic tape suitable for use with baseplates. More Info


Brava Mouldable Rings

Mouldable ring to create a tight seal between the stoma and the appliance. The Brava Mouldable Ring has... More Info


Bullen Flange Retention Strips

Flange retention strips, for that extra peace of mind and help to prolong flange adhesion. More Info


Bullen Karaya Gum Washers

The natural healing karaya soothes skin in addition to providing an effective moisture resistant barrier.... More Info


Chiron Double Sided Plasters

Double-sided plaster. More Info

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